REPLAY November Crack Your Money Code Workshop with Christina Deptulski

REPLAY November Crack Your Money Code Workshop with Christina Deptulski

Crack Your Money Code Interactive Workshop
with Christina Deptulski

Replay of the Live Event from NOVEMBER 30, 2023

Are you hitting a roadblock in your relationship with your money?

Do you have limiting beliefs about your money?

Do you want to create a money future with possibilities?

Then, the Crack Your Money Code Workshop Replay with me, Christina Deptulski, is the beginning of aligning yourself with your money goals.

Before you watch the workshop, you will take the assessment to uncover your Sacred Money Archetype®.

Your Sacred Money Archetypes® (Nurturer, Connector, Alchemist, Celebrity, Maverick, Accumulator, Romantic, and Ruler) can reveal the secrets behind your money habits.

Discover your strengths through your archetypes, and learn about your challenges in your money patterns and your gifts that can help you move forward.

Replay Workshop Agenda

  • Overview, Review of each Sacred Money Archetype® Cards
  • Show example of filled-in Sacred Money Archetypes® Business Insights Breakthrough, have participants fill in their own SMA® Business Insights Breakthrough & Next Steps

Sacred Money Archetypes® & Money Breakthrough Business Coach™ copyright of Heart of Success, Inc. 

Is this right for you?


  • YES-Get insight into your money patterns.
  • YES-Take a deep dive into figuring out your relationship with your money.
  • YES-Realize new actions that will move you forward.


  • NO-You want the answers given to you.
  • NO-You feel happy with the relationship you have with your money.
  • NO-You want specific answers to specific questions about your business.

Begin your Money Mindset Transformation with

the Crack Your Money Code Workshop REPLAY!

BUY NOW for Just $37!

Sacred Money Archetypes® & Money Breakthrough Business Coach™

Sacred Money Archetypes® & Money Breakthrough Business Coach™ Selected portions of these materials have been legally licensed from the copyright owner, Heart of Success, Inc.


Please Note: All sales are final. There will be a replay of this workshop available after Thursday, NOVEMBER 30, 2023.

  • The workshop and handouts are for personal use only.
  • You’re not allowed to share any of the handouts, assessments and techniques shared in this workshop.
  • The information presented in this Workshop is for educational purposes only.
  • I’m a coach and not qualified to provide legal, tax, accounting, financial wealth management, medical or therapeutic advice. It is your responsibility to secure assistance from the appropriately qualified professional if such advice is needed.
  • By purchasing this workshop, you agreed to these terms.




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