BWA 1:1 Intensive VIP Half Day

BWA 1:1 Intensive VIP Half Day

Create Your Irresistible Branding Message with

The Soul of Your Brand Guide in

The 1 to 1 Branding With Archetypes® Virtual VIP Half Day

Stand Out in the Crowd by

Using Authentic Branding That Entices Your Ideal Clients

In the

1 to 1 Branding With Archetypes® Virtual Private VIP

Half-Day   3-Call Format


Call #1 (60 minutes)

üReview and write your Signature & Influencing Branding with Archetypes® in The Soul Of Your Brand Guide
üIntroduce  the "How To Discover Your Unique Brilliance" exercise, and you will brainstorm it.
üCreate and Write in The Soul Of Your Brand Guide your “Unique Brilliance Statement” with coaching.

20 Minute Break

Call #2 (60 minutes)

I will coach you through:

üCreating Your "I'm a Stand For" &
ü"I'm an Expert“ Statements
üAnd I will coach you through “Your Brand Promise” Exercise

20 Minute Break

Call #3 (70 minutes)

I will coach you through:

ü"Create Your Brand Brilliance Values" exercise
ü"Create Your Brand Soul Client Experience" exercise
üNaming 1-3 Touch Points that you will implement between the time of this Half Day VIP Day and Follow up Session and Next Steps.

Approximately 4 Hours

Invest in YOURSELF (Your Business) by

Enrolling in this  Easy-to-Follow Proven Program

1 to 1 Branding With Archetypes® Virtual Private VIP

üThis is a Half-Day  Individualized VIP Day broken down into 3  (1 Hour) Zoom Calls for a total of Approximately 4 hours

Bonuses Include:

üIncluded in your VIP DAY is a set of Branding With Archetypes® cards. ($50 USD)
üClient Workbook: ($75 USD)
üEmail Support for 7 days following your VIP DAY for questions relating your SMA VIP Day ($750 USD)
ü45 Minute Follow up session Discussion on implementing your Touch Points & what’s Next  to be Scheduled within 10 days of VIP Day ($125 USD)

This is $1,000 USD Worth of Bonuses if you act soon!

Yes! I'm ready to invest in myself!

(Please note: You must be paid in full and return your signed contract to me before your scheduled VIP Day. (All sales are final. There are no refunds.)

Here's How It Works:

If you’re not sure this is for you, please contact me at and we can hop on a quick discovery call BEFORE you make the investment.

  1. You'll fill up an intake form, so we can maximize our time together.
  2. I will contact you either through so we can schedule a mutually agreeable date and time. I usually do coaching calls on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
  3. I will send you a Zoom request through email and Google Calendar. I will also send you any handouts or instructions at this time.
  4. Please come to the Zoom session on time with any handouts printed out and any questions you want to ask. Please be ready to take notes on the insights that you have. (Please make sure that you are not driving or doing anything distracting.) This is an investment in yourself and your business. Be ready to soak in all your insights.
  5. You will need to have the contract signed and be paid in full before the VIP Day.

By investing in this session, you are agreeing to these terms.



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