Sacred Money Archetypes® (SMA® ) VIP Day

1 to 1 Intensive VIP Day

Are you ready to get rid of unconscious money blocks and start fresh on a path of creating freedom, independence and a healthy relationship with money?

Within you is a unique “money code” called your Sacred Money Archetypes®. Once you discover what YOUR money archetypes are, it will feel as if all the puzzle pieces of your life easily fall into place:

Christina Deptulski, Entrepreneur coach

What's Included in Your VIP Day

Here’s how Sacred Money Archetypes ® SMA VIP Day Works:

These coaching calls are delivered over one day:

Get “Sacred Money Archetypes® Personal Reading”

Complete The Business Insights® Exercise

20 Minute Break

Money Visualization Exercise

Create Your Conscious Money Compass exercise

20 Minute Break

Get Coached on Empowering Your Voice

20 Minute Break

Design Your New Money Story

VIP Day Wrap Up

Approximately 5 Hours

white calculator, gold handle of scissors, gold dotted notebook, white pencil, white flowers on a white background

As A Result Of Sacred Money Archetypes® Coaching…

Here’s a sampling of the modules I'll personally coach you through during your VIP Day.

Module #1

"Crack Your Money Code”

  1. Discover your unique Sacred Money Archetypes® and the special significance these have for you in your life and business/career
  2. Hear what has been holding you back in key areas: relationships, business or career, self-esteem, income and more
  3. Learn exactly which areas of your business and life are best for you to begin focusing on making a change in right now, so you see immediate results

Module #2

“Create Your Conscious Money Compass”

  1. Get the most effective way to break through and eliminate old negative feelings (this exercise is truly profound and will touch you to your core)
  2. Create a crystal clear “compass” that serves as your guide in making new decisions as you go forward in your life and business or career
  3. Begin using key elements of your Sacred Money Archetypes® to transform fear and doubt into aligned, authentic confidence, trusting yourself when making new money choices

Module #3

“Discover Your Money Voice”

  1. Get a simple formula for discussing money in life’s most important situations — such as with a spouse, friends or family – including exactly how to eliminate money-awkwardness and replace it with courage and confidence.

Module #4

“Press Reset: Create a Powerful Money Story Makeover”

  1. Get a complete ‘money story makeover’ (template included) that will support you today, tomorrow and beyond to make more money, set respectful boundaries and up-level your life.
  2. Eliminate lingering negative self-talk plus any resistance to money so you are free to make more without apology.

By now you’re probably asking, this sounds exciting, but what’s my investment?"

Considering that money is at the heart of every decision you make …

If you could eliminate the conflicting emotions, the arguments with your significant other, the guilt and any doubts that are holding you back, what would be possible for you in your life, business or career?

If you could dramatically up-level your sense of your value, so that you were playing big in your business and in your life, how much would that make a difference for you?

Knowing that money influences every aspect of your life and business, aren’t you MORE than willing to invest in yourself and create a money breakthrough for yourself?

And if not for yourself, then for the ones you love?

whit calculator on a white and gold spiral bound notebook, gold scissors, white flowers

Your full-pay investment for the Sacred Money Archetypes ® VIP Day is $797 USD

Or, if you prefer, you can make 2 easy payments of $400 USD.

This is a $1,300 USD value. 

Check Out These EXCLUSIVE Bonuses I Have Added Just for You to Maximize Your Experience

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Total Bonuses Worth: $1000.00 USD!

Please note: You must be paid in full and return your signed contract to me by your scheduled VIP Day. (All sales are final. There are no refunds.)

So, are you ready?

Secure your spot TODAY, because getting rid of unconscious money blocks and pressing reset on a fresh money story is going to help you make more, end those arguments with your loved ones about money, feel better about yourself and improve every aspect of your life.

You will be taken to our Amember payment processor to add your VIP Day to your cart and checkout. 

Meet Your Money Mindset Coach

Hi I’m Christina,
I’m a money mindset expert who supports heart-centered entrepreneurs who are starting or pivoting your businesses step into your leadership role with confidence while cultivating a positive relationship with your money, and make your dreams come true.

For the past two years, I have been running my own online printables business and being an affiliate.
During this time, I saw the words, “Charge what you’re worth” and began to internalize it. 

After working with a manifestation coach, my whole mindset shifted. I realized I wanted to help other heart-centered
entrepreneurs’, like you, step into your power, shift your mindset, and create freedom.

As a coach, I act as a “guide on the side,” and ask insightful questions that lead to self-discovery. Through a proven curriculum, I support my clients in creating their own
transformations. So, whether you’re building your business from scratch, or pivoting niches, I offer coaching, resources, and tips to ensure a smooth journey. Additionally, I’m a certified Sacred Money Archetypes® coach, helping clients cultivate a positive relationship with their finances.

Best, Christina Deptulski (SMA® Alchemist, Connector, and Nurturer®)

Christina Deptulski, Entrepreneur coach


Have a question that’s not here. Feel free to contact me at

I hear you! This is a 5 Hour VIP Day with a half-hour follow-up call.

This is not a group call where you might not feel seen.

This is a one-to-one personalized VIP Day where we complete the exercises together with your insights.

No problem. I have a convenient 2 payment plan prior to the VIP Day.

Yes! No matter how much you are earning from your business, many entrepreneurs still have money blocks they’re not even aware of. Let me support you as you move past the blocks and move forward into an abundance mindset.

Yes! No matter how much you are earning from your business, many entrepreneurs still have money blocks they’re not even aware of. Let me support you as you move past the blocks and move forward into an abundance mindset.

No. This is a coaching VIP Day where you discover your new money story through insightful exercises and learning more about your money personality.

Sacred Money Archetypes® Selected portions of these materials have been legally licensed from the copyright owner, Heart of Success, Inc. & Kendall SummerHawk

Please Note:

  • The handouts are for personal use only. You may NOT share any of the handouts.
  • The information presented is for educational purposes only.
  • I’m a coach and not qualified to provide legal, tax, accounting, financial wealth management, medical or therapeutic advice. It is your responsibility to secure assistance from the appropriately qualified professional if such advice is needed.
  • By purchasing a the SMA VIP Day, you are agreeing to these terms.
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